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We create fun and effective courses online for all different types of groups - mums, office/sedentary workers, over 50's, teachers... and so much more (In the Zone)

We look after the health and wellness of employees from companies both large and small (Employee Wellness)

We design fitness challenges and events!!

We speak in public forums...

Everything we do is based around bringing fun and effectiveness into YOUR health journey.

You only have one body.... so why not look after it?

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Our Employee Wellness programmes are specifically designed for each company or corporations and their employees. Every company has different needs and expectations around wellness and health for their employees and it is our mission to ensure their employees have the best options to be productive, fit and happy in their roles at work.

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Everything is about you. We design your programmes, help you achieve your goals, keep you accountable, have fun and teach you how to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Everyone has different challenges and our goal is to determine yours and find a solution for you. You can train at your home, at the YouCan gym in Cashmere, Christchurch or we can design an exercise programme that you can complete at your gym, or home.

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These courses are for those that have the basics sorted and are living a relatively healthy lifestyle, but want support and accountability, varied and enjoyable weekly programmes. These courses are run every 8-10 weeks and include your very own personal trainer 24/7. Each course is tailored for specific niches.

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